Christmas Coronavirus Responsibility & COnduct

  • The safety of family, friends and colleagues is of key importance this Christmas.

  • Your conduct over the festive season will impact directly on others.

  • Specific travel rules and guidelines have been introduced to the areas in which you reside, they are mandatory, you must familiarise yourself with them and be aware of what you can and cannot do. 

  • Avoid unnecessary travel – use technology rather than travelling to see loved ones. 

  • We all have a personal responsibility to limit the spread of coronavirus. 

  • If you have symptoms you must isolate and not mix with others. 

  • The more people we see over Christmas, the more likely you will spread or catch the virus. 

  • Avoid unnecessary social interaction. Keep contacts to a minimum. 

  • If the rules in the area you reside allow you to meet family or friends this Christmas, then this is a judgement that you have to take based on the risk to your loved ones. 

  • If you do decide to meet family or friends then do so in line with guidance and the rules which are relevant to the jurisdiction in which you reside. 

  • Stay safe, follow the rules.   

Wishing you all a peaceful and safe Christmas.

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