Food Safety

Vision and Mission;

Our Food Safety Vision and Mission is to be recognised as having an industry leading culture of food safety, quality, technical innovation and animal welfare.

The challenges faced by the food industry have never been greater. Our customers and consumers of our products expect the highest possible levels of transparency as to the origins of their food. They expect the products to be completely safe for them and their families to consume. They expect that all aspects of our processes are to the highest possible standards at all stages and that they can trust us as a business.

These are the reasons why we have put food safety, quality and animal welfare at the core of everything we do. In order to be industry leading in this vision we have to embrace innovation and continue to challenge ourselves to ensure we are remain to the forefront in this area. These principles have to underpin everything we do in our business every day and this can only be achieved by having the correct culture from the senior management to the factory floor. Everybody is responsible for delivering this vision and everybody has a responsibility to ensure we do the right thing every day’.

Within Dunbia, we operate under the mutual understanding from all departments that Food Safety is EVERYONE’S responsibility.

The below video offers some insight into the Food Safety department and how we are working together as a business to continuously improve our standards.