We believe that good health comes from a balanced diet and active lifestyle. That’s why our nutritionist, chefs and developers are constantly working to create products that help people to eat well. Our product development activities are based upon the development of wholesome food products which meet all food safety and legal criteria required by the country in which they are marketed. Our strong Food credentials are constantly demonstrated through market led culinary development to ensure our products are tasty and delicious and appeal to today’s consumers who are looking for healthier meal options that fit into their active lifestyles.

Why choose protein?

Food fads come and go but most nutritionists agree protein is an essential part of a well-balanced diet. Protein can help us fuel our day, feel fuller for longer, manage our weight, and support healthy aging.

Protein is typically made up of hundreds of building blocks called amino acids that are linked together in unique sequences. There are about 20 different amino acids; nine of which are designated essential amino acids. The reason they’re called essential is because the body cannot create them, it needs to obtain them from the food we eat including protein-rich foods such as lamb and beef. The protein found in meat is complete protein because it supplies all the essential amino acids in the necessary amounts. Eating the right balance and combination of protein is key to a nutritious diet.

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