Our Environment

Dunbia is committed to putting in place measures to mitigate the potential impacts of climate change.

Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation

We at Dunbia are conscious of the impact climate change may have across people, operations, logistics, assets, markets and finance. We continue to risk assess these areas looking at the impact extreme weather events may have.

Our Engineering Design Team considers climate change adaptation during the design process to account for more extreme weather events, such as higher temperature or rainfall and we are committed to putting measures in place to offset these.

Our Resource Management Vision:

Our Environment 1

  • Adopt innovative technologies to reduce energy usage and improve efficiency whilst maximising the use of renewable energy and cleaner, greener fuel.
  • Improve water efficiency through management, design improvements, technologies and reuse strategies.
  • Reduce waste and increase recycling rates every year on year on each site and raise staff awareness about resource management.
  • Enhance biodiversity at site level and protect high value conservation areas (HVCA) from our operations.

International Standards

Dunbia views effective environmental and energy management as an essential strategic requirement of our business All our primary and retail processing sites are certified to the internationally recognised environment management standard ISO14001:2015. Implementation of ISO14001 provides a framework for environmental management best practise to help an organisation:

  • Minimise environmental footprint and ensure compliance with relevant environmental legislation.
  • Diminish the risk of pollution incidents and provide operation improvements to develop our business in a sustainable manner.

We at Dunbia recognise that investing in an effective energy management system allows a business to improve energy efficiency and performance, while lowering operating costs and ultimately reducing greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint. Therefore we are currently implementing the internationally recognised Energy Management Standard ISO50001:2011 into all our sites with over half certified currently.


Dunbia recognises that without appropriate management, our activities and in particular those of our supply chain have the potential to adversely affect biodiversity and ecosystem services. We believe the value of biodiversity is immeasurable.

We are therefore committed to working with our supply chain and industry partners to ensure that eco-systems are protected in order that they can continue to deliver benefits for all of us.