World Earth Day 2020

For World Earth Day we are joining the global conversation and we would like to share with you some facts, to help squash the negative misconceptions around meat and the environment.

World Earth Day 2020 1

Sustainable Farming

"The UK’s climate is suited to livestock, with rainfall making up over 99% of water needed to breed cows and sheep. With so much land less suitable for crops our livestock farming is an essential part of food production".

World Earth Day 2020 2

aiding biodiversity

"The majority of sheep and cattle are managed on grassland, which absorbs carbon and locks it in the soil. These grasslands capture and store carbon from the atmosphere, providing a habitat for wildlife and aiding biodiversity".

World Earth Day 2020 3

Global Food Security

"As the population is dramatically increasing, it is essential that livestock rearing continues to ensure that land can be used effectively, for growing crops and food security is maintained".

World Earth Day 2020 4

Carbon Emissions

"UK beef and lamb carbon emissions are 35% lower than the current global average, FAO 2016. British livestock farming is amid some of the most sustainable operations across the globe".