National Butchers’ Week 2020

National Butchers’ Week organised by Meat Trades Journal, highlights the great work being done by butchers from around the UK. It’s a week-long celebration of the craft skills, demonstrated by Butchers, who truly are the experts in meat. During this week we will be recognising the talent and hard work of all our butchers.

Introducing our Master Butchers

Being granted Institute of Meat accredited Master Butcher status is one of the highest accolades a butcher can achieve, with currently only 50 in the UK. The institute only considers applications from the most experienced and skillful butchers. We are proud to have five Master Butchers working for Dunbia, Alex Rowan, Richard Jones, Steven Dobson, Mike Roach and Aodh McKenna. Not only is their experience and skill set vital within our industry, our Master Butchers also play an integral part, in the running of our award winning Butchery Academy.  Steven Dobson has also recently been approved as one of the judges for World Butchers’ Challenge, to be held in California, September 2020.

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Our Butchers

Butchery is one of the oldest crafts in the world and is a highly skilled profession, steeped in tradition. Our butchers are professional meat cutters who are trained to cut, prepare and package a variety of meat products to the needs, standards and quality driven by the evolving tastes and trends of our customers. They are experienced in preparing meat to the highest of standards, so that it can be cooked and served for maximum tenderness and taste quality.  At Dunbia we strive to maintain and grow our business each and every day and this would not be possible without the essential dedication and skill our butchers offer.

National Butchers’ Week 2020 2

Our Butchery Academy

Established in 2009, our award winning Butchery Academy is an industry leader in developing and nurturing young talent in the age old craft of butchery. The Academy is run across a number of our UK and Northern Ireland sites. The training provided incorporates modules essential for developing core skills required of the modern butcher.

Speaking at the launch of the Highland Meats Butchery Academy last year Steven Dobson, Butchery Academy Manager, said:

“With demand for quality local beef constantly rising, we want to ensure that butchery as a profession can keep pace with this trend. For something which was once a hugely desirable vocation, butchery has been declining in recent years, particularly amongst young people. Dunbia is keen to attract people to the profession, as well as upskill those already working in it, so that top quality produce remains accessible to the consumer. I wish all of our apprentices’ the best of luck in their studies”.

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