MSD Animal Health’s Pledge

MSD Animal Health's Pledge 1

In the current circumstances the world is facing, it is important to support our livestock producers to enable them to maintain their optimum productivity, high standards of animal welfare and to be able to feed the country by driving sustainable protein production. 

Reliable food production has become even more important and we should continue to support farmers with their disease prevention programmes, including vaccination. 

Vaccination Reminder Bulletin: 

In the current circumstances the world is facing, maintaining optimum productivity, high standards of animal welfare and the ability to be able to feed the country is our joint focus.  

Needing to treat sick animals is costly both in labour and medicines. Sick animals, even if they recover, grow slower, need more feed, and have less productive lives. So, preventing disease by vaccination is likely to have a far more positive cost benefit¹ than treating disease.  

If you are a livestock farmer with cattle and/or sheep, from a seasonal perspective we suggest you should be considering the following vaccinations during April/May: 

Dairy Cattle: BVD, IBR, Leptospirosis and Lungworm 

Youngstock/Beef Cattle: BVD, IBR, Leptospirosis and Lungworm 

Sheep: Orf and Clostridial /Pasteurella 

In these uncertain times, it is really important to plan ahead and work closely with your vet or animal health provider to ensure you can access the products you require before you actually need them.   


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