“Make it” Campaign

Dunbia are proud to be supporting the “Make It” campaign. This is a major national consumer campaign encouraging consumers to “Make It” with beef.  is has been launched by AHDB, Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) and Hybu Cig Cymru (HCC).

The campaign is in response to the huge changes in demand from the retail and foodservice sectors as a result of the Coronavirus crisis. The campaign aims to encourage house-bound families and individuals to increase purchasing of Beef from supermarkets, independent retailers and butchers.

A joint statement from the levy boards said: “This is a unique joint effort by AHDB, QMS and HCC which we hope will drive an uptake in steak and roasting joint sales in the run up to barbecue season. It’s a fantastic opportunity for everyone to get involved and create some amazing dishes in their own kitchens

"Make it" Campaign 1
"Make it" Campaign 2
"Make it" Campaign 3
"Make it" Campaign 4
"Make it" Campaign 5