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Let’s #Makeit with Beef

Covid-19 has certainly changed our lives in many ways. The closure of restaurants has influenced our food shopping and consumption patterns with consumers now almost solely dependent on retail shopping and home cooking for all meals; for many this is first-time frequent home cooking. As a result, sales of versatile and economic beef cuts such as minced beef and burgers have soared with the unintended consequence of a disproportionate fall in demand for steak cuts in the absence of restaurants and wider foodservice.

This challenge leaves our industry to consider ways to encourage consumers to widen their range of meat purchases with the promotional agencies, given the absolute necessity to sell all cuts for carcase value to be optimised. Recognising that sales of British beef and lamb have declined sharply in our key markets, including exports, there is an opportunity to support these sectors at home by encouraging consumers to include more of these quality assured meats in their daily meals and to support British producers. 

To this end we are actively supporting AHDB, HCC and QMS with their #makeit campaign.  Running for 12 weeks with TV, video on demand, national newspapers, radio and social media, it aims to inspire consumers to create restaurant-style meals in the comfort of their own home, using a variety of high-quality hindquarter cuts.