C2C Project

C2C Project 1

Commenced in June 2019, Dunbia’s Conception To Consumption (C2C) project is an industry leading flagship which sits at the forefront of the group’s research and development strategy supporting our vision for sustainable beef.  This is an Innovate UK three-year funded project, working with collaborative partners Breedr and SRUC.

C2C’s objective is to produce better beef by understanding and improving the efficiency, quality and productivity growth of the beef sector and supply chain. We are working with and are supported by over thirty beef farmers who are enrolled in the supply of livestock and information to the project and these represent both our integrated beef and commercial producers.

The project is being carried out by our cross functional R&D and procurement teams and is also supported by our operations team at Dunbia Sawley.

The project aims & objectives:

       To develop information technology solutions that help remove information silos and help us deliver impact through performance analytics. These will support informed decision making and smarter selection within the beef farming enterprise and across our supply chain.

       To deliver a business to business software platform which facilitates and supports the more accurate and timely procurement of livestock that closer meet our customer specifications and market requirements.

       To spearhead the development of a genomic selection programme that fast-tracks genetic progress in terminal sire selection, drives production efficiency and improved beef carcase quality.

       To test both the feasibility and viability of information and communications technology and blockchain across the beef supply chain

       To help improve the consistency, quality and safety of product delivered to the consumer

       To work towards improving the long-term sustainability of the beef supply chain