Meet Bruna


Food Safety & Quality Graduate

My name is Bruna Pinho, and I am from Portugal. I have been working at Dunbia Dungannon since December 2020, when I moved to Northern Ireland. After working in Quality Assurance, I soon realised that the Dunbia Brighter Futures Graduate Programme would be a fantastic option for my professional development.

I’ve been working as a graduate in the Food Safety & Quality (FSQ) Department since October 2021.


At Dunbia, we have the opportunity to learn something new every day. As an FSQ Graduate, we learn all of the department’s roles, which prepares us for any situation. Since beginning this programme, I’ve had the opportunity to work on a large project that involved the installation of new production lines, as well as new labellers and product setup systems. I had the necessary training for this entire process, in which I was responsible for everything related to the setup of all the products. I also ensure that everything was in accordance with the client’s specifications, from weights to label design and everything in between. I have also had the opportunity to receive HACCP training, which is hugely helpful to me in my role going forward.

Currently, I’m learning the roles of Team Leader and Quality Manager where I have been assisting with multiple tasks including Good Manufacturing Practice audits. Dungannon has two different sites (primary and retail) which allows you to be aware of the complete process right through to the final product, which is of great benefit to me to understand how the whole business works.

From my first day of joining Dunbia, I have felt everyone’s support which is particularly important to me being an international graduate. The opportunities I have to develop different projects, the training I receive every day, and the ongoing support of senior leaders who guide me with their experience, have helped me to develop both professionally and personally. I am inspired to always give my best. There is a strong team spirit at Dunbia and I always feel I have the support that I need.