The UFU beef and lamb committee visited Dunbia this week to participate in a supply chain tour and hold general discussions with the processing company about the future of the industry.

The committee completed a successful tour of both the Dunbia primal and retail packaging plants giving them a key insight into the processing sector.

A major area of discussion at the meeting was around how consumption of beef can be increased in the UK and ensuring that farmers are producing the type of cattle which best fit the market spec.

Transparency in the sector was also discussed and the need for all stakeholders to fully understand the supply chain in order to develop more transparent and trusting relationships. The farmers were keen to understand what happens after animals have been sent for processing and felt the supply chain tours with Dunbia was extremely informative and worthwhile.

“The live to dead events are an important tool for educating producers on retailer requirements,” explains Kenny Linton, Group Agricultural Manager for Dunbia. “Producing livestock that meets customer requirements and specification for taste, tenderness and value for money in addition to provenance and traceability is a critical part of the selection process.  These events are an ideal way to highlight the processes and staff required to achieve a product suitable for retail.  We are delighted to work with UFU to provide learning opportunities for their members and look forward to welcoming more to our site.”

Pictured are members of the UFU beef and lamb committee on their visit to Dunbia this week.