Sustainable Supply Chains

Sustainable Supply Chains 1

Sustainable supply chains have been the driving force of Dunbia (a division of Dawn Meats) for several years and our recent commitment to set Science Based Targets is the latest step in our journey. Aligned to this commitment is our support for the European Roundtable for Beef Sustainability (ERBS) and the UK Cattle Sustainability Platform. The ERBS is currently chaired by our own Head of Agriculture, Sarah Haire, and has set targets under 4 key areas, Environment, Animal Health, Animal Welfare and Farm Management. These targets set common goals across Europe in topics that can help drive efficiency and sustainability at farm level, but also support a wider public facing message to support beef production and consumption. 

The UK Cattle Sustainability Platform is a newly establish multi-stakeholder group which has brought together members from across the beef sector, including Dunbia, to achieve recognition by ERBS for the work that is ongoing in industry at both national and individual company level against the targets set by the ERBS. Workstreams will be established for each target to ensure a common approach and to drive sustainability in the UK beef sector.