National Apprenticeship Week February 2020

National Apprenticeship Week February 2020 1

National Apprenticeship Week is an annual celebration of apprenticeships, which brings the whole apprenticeship community together to celebrate the impact of apprenticeships on individuals, employers and the economy. Dunbia apprenticeship programmes support our ongoing focus to welcome every opportunity to pass on our knowledge and experiences to the next generation. The programmes cater for young people who want to embark on a career within the sector, as well as supporting those already working in the industry, with upskilling and further professional development.

Meet our Apprentices

Lindsey Lipton is 21 and currently working as a Production Manager within Retail Food Manufacturing, based at our Dungannon site in Northern Ireland. Lindsey commenced the Higher Level apprenticeship programme in September 2019, following a successful 9 months as a Trainee Production Manager. She first started working with the company in 2016, in a temporary summer role as an administrator in the stores department.

What training do you receive? “The Higher Level Apprenticeship is operated through a local college, on the basis of one week intensive training every 2 months, which covers various topics – Wk1 Food Safety and Quality, Wk2 Food Micro Biology, Wk3 Food Processing, Wk4 Forecasting and Planning.  It’s a 3 year programme leading to a foundation degree. I was able to access this programme with the support and help of my on site mentor, who worked with me to submit an application on the basis of Accredited Prior Learning, as I did not have the A Level results required”.

What drew you to an apprenticeship? “I didn’t know what career I wanted when I was younger, hence my reason for not going to university.  The commitment to a course over 3 or 4 years and the financial burden, without knowing what I wanted to do just didn’t make sense. What started out as a temporary job with Dunbia, has over the last 3 years provided me with an opportunity to find my field, I now know what I want to do, I have a career plan and an ambition.  I can now work towards a degree which is amazing, learning while I am earning, I simply couldn’t ask for more.  I have friends in university that will be finishing this year and then they have to try and find a job and start building their career, some don’t know if they want to work in their field of study and all have significant debt. I have a career, I have a good salary, I can continue to build my career while learning and I definitely know I have found the right career for me”.

For more information about our Higher Level Apprenticeship Scheme at Dungannon please email

National Apprenticeship Week February 2020 2

National Apprenticeship Week February 2020 3

Dunbia Engineering Apprenticeship Programme

Both our featured engineering apprentices are based at our Cross Hands site in Llanelli and attend Coleg Sir Gar. This particular programme started in September 2013.

National Apprenticeship Week February 2020 4

National Apprenticeship Week February 2020 5


We offer:

  • 3 Year Program
  • 1-to-1 Coaching
  • A Dedicated Mentor
  • 1 day week College release
  • Experience with High-Performance Machinery
  • Recognised Training Opportunities

Skills Development:

  • Mechanical and Electrical Maintenance
  • Fault Diagnosis Techniques
  • Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
  • Data and Documentation
  • Health and Safety in the Workplace

For more information about our Engineering Apprenticeship Scheme at Cross Hands please email

For more information about our Engineering Apprenticeship Scheme at Dungannon please email

National Apprenticeship Week February 2020 3

Dunbia Butchery Academy

Established in 2009, our award winning Butchery Academy is an industry leader in developing and nurturing young talent in the age old craft of butchery. The Academy is run across a number of our UK and Northern Ireland sites. The training provided incorporates modules essential for developing core skills required of the modern butcher.

Speaking at the launch of the Highland Meats Butchery Academy last year Steven Dobson, Butchery Academy Manager, said:

“With demand for quality local beef constantly rising, we want to ensure that butchery as a profession can keep pace with this trend. For something which was once a hugely desirable vocation, butchery has been declining in recent years, particularly amongst young people. Dunbia is keen to attract people to the profession, as well as upskill those already working in it, so that top quality produce remains accessible to the consumer. I wish all of our apprentices’ the best of luck in their studies”.

To learn more about our Butchery Academy please visit

National Apprenticeship Week February 2020 7


Working across key areas such as supply chain, animal welfare, and sustainable agriculture, you will get involved in all aspects of the agriculture and research and development areas within the business.


This varied role will provide you with an opportunity to get involved in all aspects of the Environmental department and participate in continuous improvement projects within a fast-paced food manufacturing environment.

Human Resources

As your skills and knowledge develop over time, you will get involved in all aspects of HR within a fast-paced food manufacturing environment and your responsibility will increase.

Retail National Account Management

This exciting role will see you gain a wide range of business experience skills, providing support to major UK retail supermarket customer accounts. 

Operations & Commercial

Work in a fast-paced food manufacturing environment gaining a hands-on experience across all aspects of operations, production and commercial with a focus on continuous improvement. 

New Product Development

You will be involved in supporting and managing the NPD process to ensure new and re-developed products are launched successfully. 

Livestock procurement

An exciting opportunity to learn about all areas of livestock procurement within the business, gaining a full understanding of production and operations.

Food Safety & Quality

A hands-on opportunity to understand and impact on food safety, quality and animal welfare across a fast-paced food manufacturing environment. Ensuring legislative compliance, customer excellence and continuous improvement.

Mechanical Engineering

As an engineering graduate you will be hands on and, on the go, working in a fast paced, busy environment overseeing electrical, mechanical and automation projects in a food manufacturing business.

Accounting & Finance

Gain a robust understanding in all aspects of the Finance Function with support at every step of the way to attain the professional qualifications needed to become a finance leader of the future.