Meet Richard

Richard Jones MB. Inst. M.

Butchery Academy Training Manager

Here at Dunbia, we are an industry leader in developing and nurturing skilled individuals in the age-old craft of butchery. We are proud to have four Master Butchers in our midst at Dunbia, Richard Jones MB. Inst. M. is one of them.

Meet Richard 1
How did your career as a butcher begin?
My love of butchery began in my family’s butcher’s shop which led me to study Meat Technology at Smithfield College in London. I then honed my skills working in butchers’ shops before moving onto Dunbia where I have stayed for over 25 years.
What does your role involve?
I began my time at Dunbia working as a Butcher and then progressed to Production Manager. I am now the Butchery Academy Training Manager at Dunbia Llanybydder and I take great pleasure in mentoring and working with the next generation of butchers.
What do you enjoy about being a butcher?
I enjoy working as a team and I take pride in the work being done to a high standard.
What do you think are the main skills needed to be a butcher?
To be a butcher you need to take pride in your work in order to ensure the finished product is made to the correct customer specifications. A good understanding of the bone and muscle structures of the carcasses is also needed as well as excellent attention to detail to keep equipment clean and knives sharp.
Favourite cut of meat?
Rolled brisket of beef – delicious!
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