Farming Fortnight

Farming Fortnight is a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness of farming and food production and to educate young minds about where their food comes from. This is a LEAF Education initiative, which helps young people understand where their food comes from and why farming matters. The campaign runs for two weeks 1st June – 12th June . Each day of the campaign has its own farming theme with downloadable resources, perfect for home-schooling.

Future farming

The future farming programme is about inspiring young people to explore the importance of British farming and food production, how technology can address global challenges to feed a growing population and the many exciting career opportunities available in the agri-food industry.

Food Choices

We all need to eat, and with increasing awareness of the importance of making informed food choices, understanding where our food comes from is the first step in ensuring that we are making the best choices. Farmers produce our food, and with new technology, environmental pressures and market forces, they are finding ways to do this sustainably. Agriculture plays a vital role in ensuring that our countryside is well managed, but does farming only happen.