Dunbia has played in integral role in the launch of the Co-operative Group’s Calf Scheme by investing in 16 dedicated calf rearing units.

The Co-operative Group launched the calf scheme to integrate its dairy and beef supply chains by connecting Co-operative Dairy Group (CDG) farmers with beef producers and ensure calves from dairy farms are retained within the Co-operative supply chain.

The scheme provides an outlet for all calves from the CDG’s 200 dairy farms, including pure-bred dairy calves and native and continental-crosses.

Dunbia supplies over 75% of the Co-operative’s beef and played a key role in getting the calf scheme off the ground.  Speaking at the launch, Padraig Browne, Procurement Director for Dunbia commented: ” One of the primary reasons the Co-operative Group launched the calf scheme was to address animal-welfare issues head on. Dunbia has an uncompromising commitment to animal health and welfare and are delighted to support the Co-operative with this initiative. We believe this is the way forward for the beef and dairy industries and look forward to the future with renewed confidence.”