Two Dunbia Suppliers have opened their farms to the public in a joint initiative with Dunbia and the Co-op.

Chris Weston of Cappleside Farm in Settle, Yorkshire and Steve Jones of Winston Farm near Ellesmere who both supply Hereford’s cattle to Dunbia for the Co-op’s Truly Irresistible range, welcomes visitors to their farms on 5th June to give the public an idea of where food comes from.

Speaking before the event, Chris commented: “We had a very successful event last year with almost 150 people visiting our farm on Open Farm Sunday and we hope to welcome them and more back this year. We are very proud of our farm and it’s heritage as we believe it plays an important role in the past, present and indeed future of our local community and environment.  Open Farm Sunday has given us the opportunity to open the farm up to local visitors and let them see what we do and what is on their doorstep.”

Steve agreed adding: ““Central to our work on the farm is rearing high quality beef which will end up on supermarket shelves. We are a link in the supply chain which sees us supplying our Hereford cattle to Dunbia who in turn supplies the Co-op where consumers can purchase a full range of products.  Visitors can enjoy burgers from Hereford cattle raised on my farm, processed by Dunbia who have a plant in Sawley and sold by the Co-op in our local stores”

Kenny Linton, Agricultural Manager for Dunbia attended Steve’s event while Adrian Fell Dunbia Livestock Manager attended Chris’ event in Settle.  “Chris and Steve are key suppliers to Dunbia and the Co-op and we are delighted to support them in Open Farm Sunday,” added Kenny “Dunbia firmly believes that for our agriculture industry to be successful, every link in the supply chain must work together.  This event is a perfect opportunity for the producer, processor and retailer to do just that.”

Will Jackson, Agricultural Development Manager for Co-op Food agrees: “The Co-op is so pleased to be a major sponsor of Open Farm Sunday as we think it is such a great chance to see first-hand what it means to be a farmer and to experience a day in the life of a farmer. It’s so interesting for the public to see the level of hard work involved in farming from producing high quality fresh food, managing animal welfare to cultivating the land.”