Dunbia has enlisted the support of PJD Safety Supplies to help launch an Employee Health and Well-being Programme.

The programme aims to focus on range of issues which can impact on an employee’s physical or emotional well-being and offer support and guidance to any employee who needs it.

Speaking at the launch of the Programme, Joy McFarland Dunbia Group Health & Safety Manager commented: “Dunbia values the loyalty and dedication of our employees and is committed to supporting them through a range of initiatives.  We are delighted to launch our Employee Health and Well-being Programme which we see an extension of the work we already undertake and an indication of how highly we regard our employees’ well-being.”

Dunbia’s Health & Well-Being Programme will focus on a specific topic each month ranging from issues such as Breast Cancer Awareness, Mental Health Awareness and will tie in with National Campaigns such as Movember where appropriate.

PJD Safety Supplies, who is Dunbia’s sole supplier of PPE, Workwear and Safety Products, is supporting the initiative by providing a range of products to help promote each month’s activity and incentivise employees to engage with the programme.

“PJD Safety Supplies is a key supplier to Dunbia with whom we have an excellent partnership,” adds Andrew Taylor Dunbia Group Senior Buyer. “Not only do they supply all our PPE, Workwear and Safety products but they conduct product trials on our sites before introducing them as stock.  Dunbia is delighted to have them onboard for this initiative.”

Mr Daryl Coote Operations Director PJD Safety Supplies congratulated Dunbia on the launch of the initiative: “PJD supplies Dunbia with their PPE, Workwear and Safety Products for all their sites across the UK and Ireland and we are proud to support the launch of their Health & Well-Being Programme.  Their commitment to and support of their employees is exceptional.  While many companies engage in Health & Safety from a statutory point of view, Dunbia takes it to the next level ensuring that employee well-being is a top priority.”