As YFCU Agri Events Partner, Dunbia has enlisted the support of their brand ambassador, Rory Best to host a grassland management event for over 30 YFCU members on Rory’s farm.

Dunbia brought Nuffield Scholar and Grasslands expert, Gareth Davies over from Wales to impart his knowledge and expertise to the group.

“Well-managed, high-quality grass is the cheapest feed available to most UK farmers, yet it is probably the most frequently wasted and under-valued,” explains Gareth Davies.  “It can considerably influence cost of production and have a significant impact on profitability. I hope by the end of our farm walk on Rory’s farm that I will have conveyed this message to the YFCU members.”

Following a presentation from Gareth, the group walked the farm and discussed grazing management techniques for beef and sheep farming.

Jonathan Birnie, Head of Agriculture & Research, Dunbia co-ordinated the visit with Gareth and YFCU.  “For Dunbia, our involvement in the supply chain does not start when animals are presented to our factories.  To ensure that we are supplied with high quality, in-spec livestock, we need to ensure that our farmers are fully aware of and implement the most efficient and profitable techniques available. Sharing expert knowledge from key industry players is an important part of our role in the supply chain.”

YFCU Chief Executive, Mike Reid attended the grassland event which he found highly informative.  “YFCU entered into a partnership with Dunbia earlier this year and already we are reaping the benefits.  We recently enjoyed a series of Live to Dead events at Dunbia’s factory in Dungannon and have now had an expert of the calibre of Gareth Davies impart his Grassland Management knowledge to our members on Rory Best’s farm.  These events are invaluable to our members and underlines how important it is for us to have partnerships with industry leaders like Dunbia.”