Dunbia, one of Europe’s leading food companies, is among the founding parties of the Wales YFC Lamb Initiative, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, alongside Wales Young Farmers Clubs and Sainsbury’s.

The initiative is unique to Wales and has successfully created and maintained a strong supply chain from field to fork. The Lamb Initiative which is open to all members of Wales YFC who are aged between 16 and 40 years old and are actively farming, sees members receive a financial benefit for lambs which are within specification as outlined by Sainsbury’s.  In addition, Wales YFC also gain a financial benefit for each lamb which is acquired through the scheme.

Partners of the initiative (Wales YFC, Dunbia and Sainsbury’s) hold events throughout the year which focus on all aspects of agriculture from rearing systems to consumer trends with the aim of promoting knowledge transfer across the industry; from supplier to consumer and across the generations in farming.

Dunbia Agriculture Manager, Alison Harvey said of the event;

“Dunbia are proud to have maintained such strong links with both Wales YFC and Sainsbury’s over the ten years.  We continue to work towards encouraging more Welsh Young Farmers to the scheme.  A focus of the event at Rhidian’s farm includes the Lamb Initiative overview where we hope to answer questions and provide more clarity to the next generation on how we can work together to provide more stability to the supply chain.

The next event, which is being held on Tuesday 11th September 2018, hosted by current Lamb Initiative member Rhidian Glyn’s family farm in Mid Wales.  Rhidian, a 33 year old first generation farmer, finishes approximately 800 lambs annually and has seen first-hand the benefits which can be established through active engagement with the scheme.

Speaking about the initiative, Rhidian commented;

“I got involved in the scheme a few years ago and have seen time and time again the benefits which the Lamb Initiative has offered me and other young Welsh lamb farmers.  Dunbia, Wales YFC and Sainsburys have been thoroughly supportive throughout the entire scheme, offering best practice guidance.  I look forward to welcoming other young farmers to the event in September where we can work together to further improve the lamb supply chain in Wales.”

For more information about the Lamb Initiative or to RSVP to attend the event on the 11th of September, please contact Awel Jones at Dunbia on 01570 480284 or Catrin Price at Wales YFC on 01982 553 502.